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Supporting The Nova House

At Selkirk GM, community involvement is deeply ingrained in our values, and one of the ways we actively contribute is through our annual initiative to support Nova House, a local organization in Selkirk. Each year, Josh Isfjord and Selkirk GM collect and donate essential items such as toys, clothes, and hygiene products to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. This longstanding tradition reflects our ongoing commitment to fostering a stronger, more supportive community. We invite you to join us in this meaningful endeavor, as together, we continue to uplift and support our neighbors. Be a part of the annual giving tradition at Selkirk GM, and help us make a difference in the lives of others.

2022 Nova House Christmas Drive2023 Nova House Christmas Drive


Selkirk Parade

At Selkirk GM, we love being an active part of our vibrant community, and one event that we look forward to every year is the Annual Parade. It’s a fantastic celebration that brings together people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, and we are delighted to be enthusiastic participants in this joyful tradition.

As we hit the streets with our beautifully decorated vehicles, our team at Selkirk GM embraces the spirit of fun, excitement, and togetherness. We take great pride in showcasing our latest models and sharing the joy of driving with everyone along the parade route.

Selkirk Parade


Proud Sponsor Of The Selkirk Steelers (MJHL)

The Selkirk Steelers embody the spirit of dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship – values that resonate deeply with us at Selkirk GM. By sponsoring this outstanding hockey team, we proudly contribute to the development of young talent, the excitement of the game, and the overall vibrancy of our community.

We are passionate about empowering the next generation of athletes and providing them with opportunities to thrive in both sports and life. As the Selkirk Steelers hit the ice with determination and skill, we stand beside them as a united force, cheering them on to victory and celebrating every moment of their journey.

Our sponsorship of the Selkirk Steelers is not just about hockey; it’s about building camaraderie, fostering local pride, and bringing our community together. We invite all fans, families, and hockey enthusiasts to join us in supporting the Selkirk Steelers on their path to success.

Selkirk GM "Chevrolet Game Night" With The Selkirk Steelers

Annual Selkirk Food Bank Golf Tournament Sponsor

The Selkirk Food Bank Tournament is not just a golf event; it’s a gathering of compassionate individuals and businesses coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. By supporting this fantastic initiative, we aim to alleviate hunger in our community and ensure that every individual has access to nutritious meals and essential resources.

As a long-standing member of the Selkirk community, our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond selling cars – it’s about making a genuine difference. Our partnership with the Selkirk Food Bank Tournament is a testament to our dedication to supporting local causes and initiatives that improve the well-being of our neighbors.


GM Guild Award-Winning Staff

The Walters Family and Selkirk GM are thrilled to announce that Selkirk GM’s Sales Advisors and Service Techs have once again soared to new heights, earning prestigious Elite Sales and Tech Guild Achievement Awards from GM! 🌟


Jason: Reigning as a Guild Award recipient for an impressive 4 years!

Laura: Demonstrating excellence and securing the Guild Award for 1 year!

Brittany: Achieving an incredible feat of 4 consecutive years as a Guild Award winner!

Josh I: Standing tall with a remarkable 6 years in a row of Gold Status!

Josh G: Maintaining his remarkable streak, securing the Guild Award for 2 consecutive years!


TJ: Unstoppable at 19 years, achieving the Grand Master Tech Guild status!

Brad: A quarter-century of excellence! Celebrating 25 years and Grand Master Tech Guild status. Your knowledge is truly legendary.

Mike: A triumphant 20 years and counting, reaching the coveted Master Tech Guild status!

Troy and Ryan: A dynamic duo with 3 years each achieving Master Tech Guild!

Brent: 5 years and counting in the Master Tech Guild!

Kyuha: 9 years of mastering the craft, standing strong in the Master Tech Guild!

Their unwavering dedication, professionalism, and commitment to delivering the highest standards in automotive sales and service have earned them this well-deserved recognition. We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments!


Don Walters Top 5 CADA Laureate Finalists For Retail Operations

“I love that every day brings a new experience.” Don Walters states, as one of the 5 CADA Laureate finalists in retail operations for outstanding achievement within an individual dealership (2022). Don’s leadership inspires others and is the driving force of excitement within the walls of Selkirk GM. We would like to congratulate our dealer principal, Don Walters on this extraordinary achievement!


Josh Isfjord Receives 2023 Top GMC Sales Award

The top GMC sales award is for excellence in, customer satisfaction and overall top sales of GMC products in all of Manitoba. Josh is no stranger to awards as he achieved top Chevrolet sales in 2021 and top Buick sales in 2022! Josh Isfjord would like to thank all of his loyal customers for their continued business.


Josh Isfjord Receives 2022 Top Buick Sales Award

The top Buick sales award is for excellence in, customer satisfaction and overall top sales of Buick products in all of Manitoba. Josh is no stranger to awards as he achieved top Chevrolet sales in 2021 and has been on GM’s gold sales guild for over 5 years! Josh Isfjord would like to thank all of his loyal customers for their continued business.

Selkirk GM Achieves GM Presidents Club Award Two Years In A Row

Selkirk GM was one of only 50 Dealers in Canada to get the most prestigious award from GM, the GM President’s Club Award.

GM Canada presented Selkirk GM’s Owner Don Walters and General Manager Matt Walters with yet another President’s Club Award.

The GM President’s Club Award is for excellence in, customer satisfaction and dealership growth. Our dedicated staff and loyal customers are the reason for this award. We are continually growing in this never changing industry but we will continue to proudly serve our customers for their sales, service, and automotive needs.

Selkirk GM Achieves GM Presidents Club Award Two Years In A Row


Selkirk Car Salesman Receives 2021 Top Chevrolet Sales Award

It feels like yesterday that Josh Isfjord was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed teenager starting in the wash bay at Selkirk GM. Those days were soon left behind him as his exceptional work ethic and superior customer service quickly helped Josh become an integral part of our family and success here. “A successful five-year sales career and almost 1000 very happy customers later and Josh is irreplaceable in our Selkirk GM family. He is truly an amazing part of our team and a phenomenal colleague.” Dianne Little, General Sales Manager. It’s now been four consecutive years of achieving Selkirk GM’s top sales AND being rewarded with GM’s highest sales honour: Gold level in the Sales Marketing Guild. His customer satisfaction score rated by those clients comes in at an astonishing 98.9%, proving that Josh continues to excel at making his customers extremely happy!

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